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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," arrests and a raid at an occupy encampment overnight. we'll take you live to the scene. plus, an investigation is now underway over the actions of these police officers on occupy protesters. all of it caught on video at uc davis. and time to hit the slopes. we have a rundown of the ski resorts that are open for business just a little bit early this year in time for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. this is "today in the bay." and we are looking live at the transamerica building.
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looking a little cloudy and a little gray, but the rain, where is it? that's what you want to know today. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez look with meteorologist rob mayeda. either bring your bags to the grocery store or don't get paper bags. >> yeah, that's true. paper bags may have some trouble. depending where youe,ar you might want something over your head. san francisco, that's an interesting view. i've been watching this on the rad radar. we have a line of good showers there. we have some downpours. thosareas of orange you see there, just a few moments ago some lightning with that. of.wereth been a history ofhofs lightning offshore. weakening as it gets closer to the peniul a. you can expect downpours in the next five minutes. san jose, not so bad. you can see the trend. these showers comes in from the south d west. you see those areas of red and orange offshore. would not be surprised to get
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thunder with that next batch. the trend as we go through the afternoon is that low moves into southern california, and we'll eventually see more showers showing up across the south baby 4:00. cool day today. 50s for highs. coming up, we got a drying trend as we kick off the week and your thanksgiving forecast is coming up. that looks a little challenging. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> always tricky. thank you very much, rob. while you were sleeping, san francisco police in riot gear busted up the occupy san francisco encampment in the financial district. officers removed about 12 tents in front of the federal reserve bank on market street a little after 1:00 this morning. they say people were arrested for interfering. six people in all. police are there making sure that the camp does not go up once again. emotions were high. at one point, people were hugging in the streets. others, sitting in the streets trying to block traffic. things are fairly quiet, as you
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can see right now. the main occupy sf tent encampment at justin herman plaza remain ls, but we are liv on the scene. meantime, at uc davis, controversial action by police at an occupy protest there. the chancellor calls it chilling and now the school is launching an investigation. the video shows campus police officers using pepper spray on passive protesters at close range. this use of force raises questions about how police can best handle the growing tension between occupy protesters and law enforcement. >> reporter: protesters, mostly student, sit passively on the ground with their arms interlocked. then this video that's gone viral showing a standoff between police and occupy drem stremons at uc davis. after giving the crowd of 200
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several warnings to pack up their tents, authorities say they were forced to unload pepper spray. students like this one needed treatment for chemical burns. >> so painful. your eyes are just in excruciating pain. then it goes up your nose. you start kind of choking. >> reporter: uc davis chancellor linda katehi calls the video chilling. in an open letter to the community, she announced she's forming a task force made up of faculty, students, and staff. >> i do understand the unfortunate and very bad, really, situation that was created for our students on friday. >> reporter: it's the latest use of force on young occupy protesters. last week, students at uc berkeley were jabbed by police with batons. >> well, there's certainly the potential that they might bring a civil rights lawsuit claiming police brutality. >> reporter: speaking to nbc bay area by phone, the first amendment attorney carl olsen says the protesters at uc davis
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and at uc berkeley were just exercising their right to free speech, and police overreacted. >> to say that locking arms is an aggressive move, again, it's kind of an overreaction. people are concerned about economic inequity in this country, and to protest and to lock arms, to me, seems like quintessential first amendment activity. [ chanting ] >> reporter: meanwhile, students are calling for katehi's resignation, and the tension between occupy protesters and police doesn't seem to be going away. >> the uc davis police chief says that the decision to use pepper spray was made there at the scene and not planned ahead of time. the chancellor says the task force will release its findings in about 90 days. in oakland, the occupy protesters moved their encampment to the city's uptown
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neighborhood. kimberly terry reports thousands of people marched to the area and put up tents. >> reporter: thousands of protesters flooded into the area near 19th and telegraph in oakland. within minutes, tore down a fence surrounding an empty lot and set up. >> people are so happy to kind of start the camp up again after it having been gone a couple days now. >> reporter: police tore down the encampment early monday morning in a pre-dawn raid. this afternoon, protesters held a rally there and marched in downtown oakland before arriving in uptown next to fox theater, where they remain. >> how long do you intend on staying? >> until it's over. until we've won. >> reporter: what's winning? >> until life is completely made better for the average person. >> reporter: occupy oakland, which began over a month ago, is calling for social and economic equality. within the neighborhood, the newly erected encampment has
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caused some division. some residents support the protesters. others don't like the direction occupy oakland is going in. >> for them to come into the neighborhood in the way that they are, i feel very violated. i think they're becoming what they detest. it's, like, they've got power now, and i feel they're abusing it. >> reporter: officials have said that camping overnight would not be allowed, but so far police have not moved in to clear out the protesters. they've stayed on the sidewalk surrounding the lot and are at the entrances of nearby apartment buildings. >> i'm going to be grateful when the police remove them, but i'm also going to be very sad that they had to do that. i'm going to really, really feel torn inside if anyone gets seriously hurt. >> reporter: kimberly terry, "today in the bay." >> of course, we checked with oakland police. they say no one was arrested. the department isn't saying whether there's a plan to remove this encampment right now. in san jose, a few occupy
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protesters moved their camp as well, but they moved it temporarily to mayor chuck reed's house. one of the protesters was reportedly the man who was camped out on top of a wall at san jose city hall for weeks. he pitched a tent in the mayor's driveway. that protest lasted about two hours. demonstrators say it was in response for being removed from city hall. for the latest on the occupy movement, you can check our website any time of day, much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, police asking for your help to catch a man wanted for an attempted kidnapping of a teenager in the south bay. plus, this ski resort's open utweekend. weekend. we'll show you where you can go if you want to hit the slopes. in the people and communities ag who call the bay area home.
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from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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pretty as a postcard this morning. san francisco looking at the embarcadero. all the cloud cover is up high. you want to know your forecast for thanksgiving, don't you? rob's going to have that in a bit. in the south bay, new information on a suspected kidnapper who police say tried to nab a teenage girl. the police released this sketch of a suspect described as a hispanic man in his mid 40s. clean shaven, about 5'6" with a stocky build. he was last seen driving a small four-door station wagon, faded dark brown in color with spots where the paint flaked off. the man allegedly tried to kidnap a 17-year-old girl a week ago today. the girl says she was walking on lark avenue east of winchester when the suspect approached her. the girl says she punched him in the face, kicked him, and then got away. he got back into his car and
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drove away. if you have any information, you're asked to call los gatos police. if you did your thanksgiving shopping at a bay area safeway store yesterday, chances are one of my nbc bay area friends hit you up for a donation toward our holiday food drive. my daughter and i were in san jose. one of 100 stations our partners manned this weekend. rob mayeda was at the safeway in danville working very hard with the sunshine there. jessica geary was in pleasanton. nbc bay area is partnering with area food stores for the drive. together, we have collected more than 18,000 bags since wednesday. this year, safeway made it very easy to help out with pre-filled bags available for folks to purchase. $10. the bags have $16 worth of food
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in them. that's a great deal from safeway as well. of course, we will continue our food deprive through the holidays. we may not be there in person, but we'll be there in spirit. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, fearlessness and artistry. the best sky divers turn their thrill ride into a championship competition. and we're watching an interesting morning around the bay area. you're looking at rain pushing back into san francisco and some thunder lurking offshore. ups, local mountain snow cgomin orn that coming up in your forecast in just a few minutes. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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and we are looking live at san jose this morning. some cloud cover there in the distance and some rain in the forecast for thanksgiving. rob, we were talking about the nbc bay area food drive. a good thing it happened yesterday and not today. it would be a mess today. >> especially right down in san francisco. we have rain flying. you saw a little sun in san
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jose. this is the mixed bag we're waking up to this morning. rain totals pretty impressive. san jose, not so much. only .14. napa, close to 1/3 inches. temperatures right now, 40s and 50s. it's chilly outside. cold enough for snow levels this morning close to 3500 feet to 4,000 feet. we're watching mount hamilton this morning. we still have a little bit of a breeze picking up out of the east, southeast. this is the wettest part of your sunday forecast happening outside right now as the low scoots into southern california. later orn today, most of the showers are going to slowly drift to the south and shut zdon this evening. if you're heading out to the 49ers game, it's going to be chilly in classic candlestick park weather. breezy and cool. a chance of seeing scattered showers. the radar this morning, very interesting. you can see a good cell there
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just about to hit daly city. as you go down highway 1, you can see scattered showers around half moon bay. you can see the heavier cells lurking offshore. some of those have had lightning attached to them but weakening by the time they cross the coast. san jose, not so much happening right now. tri-valley looks pretty calm. 101, golden gate bridge into downtown san francisco where the downpours are now. notice the spin to the clouds offshore. that low continues to head to the south. it's going to take a lot of those shower chances with it as we head into the afternoon. so 1:00, notice this. we're see these pop-up showers around the start of the game there, around candlestick park. towards 3:00, most of the showers heading down the santa cruz mountains and the coastline. by the evening, things do dry out. we'll get northwest winds as that low scoots through southern california. probably seeing patchy fog and a chilly start to monday but a dry start for the short workweek. thanksgiving day, plan on more
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rain. today's highs, even with the clearing, it's going to stay fairly cool. we should see highs mostly in the mid 50s. again, the best chance of showers lingering during the day will be around san jose, santa cruz mountains and areas south of livermore. kind of a rainy start. showers shut down in the evening. monday through tuesday looks dry. wednesday night into thursday, plan on more rain. another cold system, which means another foot or two of snow in the sierra. this next one will be a bigger snow producer rolling in just in time for thanksgiving. >> all right. thank you very much, rob. speaking of sierra snow, in case you needed one more reason to give thanks this holiday, how about this? some ski resorts are opening earlier than usual. both heavenly and north star opened this weekend. that looks like me.
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north star has a bunch of new features and trails. skiers were very happy. >> i woke up at 4:00. i was back home. i said, i'm not going to go. woke up at 5:00 and said, i'm going. i was here by 9:00. >> i'm really excited that this is finally open. >> those folks are from colorado. that's saying something. sky diving can take your breath away, whether by thrill or by fright, right? well, wait until you see what a group of sky divers from the east bay is doing that's getting them recognized as some of the best daredevils to ever jump out of a plane. here's lawrence scott. >> reporter: for several decades, the u.s. parachute association has held an annual competition where the best sky divers in the nation head for a drop zone. at the most recent event, the nor-cal alliance. three guys from the east bay
7:20 am
took home gold in the free flying event. >> this gold medal means a lot to me. something i strived for for a long time, especially this particular medal itself. i've gotten to participate in a lot of events. this is something i've wanted for a long time. >> reporter: it looks something like synchronized swimming in the air. >> well, we don't wear speedos, but i guess you could say that. >> reporter: what's being judged is the actual video. the man behind the camera, a teammate, has perhaps the toughest job. >> if we do some of the moves and get separation or vertical separation and our camera man doesn't have us both in frame, you get docked points. >> we practice the maneuvers on the ground. then we go do them in the air. sometimes when we are practicing a maneuver, we come up with a new trick because it just came out of nowhere. we did something that we thought would have been wrong but came out to look cool. >> reporter: and the mid-air flights are just part of the
7:21 am
journey. >> the competition was just the icing on the cake. training throughout the year was a lot of fun. you know, that was the main part of it. us throughout the year doing this was a huge, you know. and the success of actually winning was great. >> i think everybody in the world should at least go sky diving once. the main reason is to get out there and do something you have no control over. most of us, as humans, we have to have the control. we have to drive the car. we have to tell people what to do. we have to put our own lives in, you know, we want to control our own lives. going sky diving, you're putting in some guy -- you just paid them money to throw you out of an airplane. you have no control. i think everyone can tell you that you can actually let go of your every day life and it will be okay. >> reporter: lawrence scott, nbc bay area sports. >> rob and i were going to do that, but we couldn't find a photographer willing. now to one of the closest big games in history where wet, soggy conditions did nothing to
7:22 am
slow down stanford or cal. stanford opened up the game with a couple scoring drives. heisman hopeful andrew luck throws a short toss that gives stanford a commanding lead. but cal stages their own comeback by scoring a touchdown to bring them within three points in the fourth quarter. onside kick with seconds remaining was recovered by the cardinal to seal the victory. stanford beats cal 31-28. we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a daughter gets a wonderful surprise. her dad returns home from iraq, but the ree'll never forget.met. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
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>> reporter: this first grade class is on a field trip. today, it's about firefighters. >> 911! >> reporter: this little 6-year-old has no idea her dad is here. she thinks he's thousands of miles away. instead, jose is putting on a surprise. >> just move a little bit. it will turn off. >> reporter: specialist jose valencia landed in california on thursday. his wife was the first one to welcome him back. [ screaming ] >> reporter: valencia hasn't hugged his wife in a long time. he's been a soldier since 2008. he's been serving in iraq for the last year, working on an aviation support crew. jose traded in combat boots for fire gear. alexia stood with her class, watching heros crawl into the
7:26 am
building. what she doesn't know is that her biggest hero is under the helmet. >> how you doing, mama? how you doing? >> good. hi, dad. >> reporter: jose has been waiting for this moment for a year. alexia kept him going during long days in iraq. >> since i've been over there, seeing her in video, i just wanted to see her in person, give her a big hug. >> what do you want to tell him now that he's home? >> i'm really happy -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the tears didn't last long. alexia and her dad have big plans. >> i love those stories but hates those stories. alexia and her dad are planning to do a lot of things together. they want to go to magic mountain and disneyland as well.
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much more to come on "today in the bay." republican presidential candidates tell all. why they gathered last nightess. confess me personal hardships. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. good morning, bay area. take a live look at the bay bridge there. those are heavy clouds overhead. we saw some blue sky. we saw sprinkles. we saw leaves all over the ground. to that we say, good luck, rob mayeda. thanks for joining us on this sunday. a lot of folks watching the forecast because they have travel plans and grocery plans and all kinds of things do for thanksgiving. >> we have some interesting weather happening you looked at the view there. let's show you what's happening on the other side of the peninsula right now. you have some rain there right over the golden gate bridge.
7:30 am
look at this offshore. this is just in the last half hour. that is a lot of lightning. pretty intense cell there offshore. showing a little bit of rotation offshore. we'll keep an eye on that. mainly a problem for the offshore waters for now. as that line approaches the coast, we'll see if some of that thunder holds together. right now, san jose seeing sunshine. this is giving you an idea of the mixed bag we have this morning. mostly rainy from san mateo coastline down through the mountains. i think you're going to see a transition to the showers following that low as it scoots through southern california. highs today in the 50s. by this evening, the showers shut down. we'll get a dry start to the workweek. heading towards thanksgiving, that's when the next system comes in. not so good. we'll show you the full seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much, rob. also watching overnight, we were in san francisco where at least 100 police officers in riot gear moved in on the occupy san francisco encampment in the
7:31 am
financial district. officers removed about 12 tents in front of the federal reserve bank on market street at just about 1:00 this morning. police also arrested six people for interfering at that location. officers are still on the scene this morning to help make sure that the encampment does not go back up again. emotions were high. some people hugging in the streets. others were sitting on the street trying to block traffic, but things are fairly peaceful right now. we do have a crew there on the scene. police are still keeping watch on justin herman plaza where the main tent encampment remains this morning. an investigation is underway into this handling of occupy protesters by uc davis campus police. video shot on friday shows police pepper spraying a group of protesters who are refusing to leave the area. police say they warned the crowd of about 200 protesters several times to pack up their tents and leave. when they didn't, officers say they were forced to spray. uc davis chancellor linda katehi
7:32 am
calls the video chilling, and she's now calling for a fact-finding task force made up of faculty, students, and staff. >> i do understand the unfortunate and very bad, really, situation that was created for our students on friday. >> so painful. your eyes are just in excruciating pain. then it goes up your nose, and you start kind of choking. >> the chancellor says the task force will release its findings within 90 days. dozens of occupy oakland protesters are encamped at a nearby lot at 19th and it will gra -- telegraph in the city's uptown neighborhoods. this comes after thousands marched through the area last night. oakland officials have said that overnight camping will not be allowed, but so far police have not moved in. the new encampment is causing a rift between residents who support the cause and others who don't like the direction that
7:33 am
the occupy oakland movement is now heading. this morning, a vallejo police officer who died in the line of duty will be remembered by the community he served. the vigil will be dedicated to officer james capoot who was shot and killed while chasing a bank robbery suspect last thursday. capoot also coached a girl's basketball team last year, and the entire team walked to a makeshift memorial site by the police station in his memory. the candle light vigil is planned for 6:00 tonight at vallejo city hall. republican presidential candidates were in iowa. not debating, but wooing social conservatives by laying out their personal hardships. the forum was sponsored by a christian group. newt gingrich shared there was a time in the 1990s when he felt he was failing personally, even
7:34 am
turning to alcoholic anonymous. rick santorum tearfully confessed he resisted loving his severely disabled daughter while michele bachmann described the pain and uncertainty of her parent's divorce as a teenager. ron paul was less forthcoming. in iowa, rahm emanuel threw his support behind president obama. he said the republicans want to solve the nation's debt problems only through spending cuts while the president wants to use a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. they're trying to figure out how a classified book detailing the president's itinerary was lost in a gutter. a journalist reported he found that book thursday near the parliament house. the book contains president
7:35 am
obama's itinerary, his security convoy, and the cell phone numbers of senior u.s. and australian leaders. in afghanistan, more than 1,000 university students are blocking a main highway to protest a long-term pact with the u.s. protesters are upset over a propose ed agreement to keep thousands of u.s. troops in afghanistan past 2014. still ahead here on "today in the bay," why one of apple's founders was meis rcndhahandmee at google he headquarte headquarters. five new tops... i want to be very specific about this because last year i got some gifts i wasn't exactly feeling. especially from you, uncle dale. were those acid wash jeans? i just hope you all stuck to my list this year. a new digital camera or a new suede shoulder bag would be really ideal. sorry to be so frank. i just don't need another needlepoint throw pillow, aunt carla. ♪ four calling birds, three french hens... when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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looking live from our camera at senole grade this morning. looks nice and peaceful this morning. do remember to slow down because roadways are still wet. lots of leaves out there make things slippery. it is a short business week ahead, but investors have more on their minds than the holiday, including the european debt crisis.
7:38 am
melissa francis has a look at that, plus what some retailers are planning for black friday. >> reporter: it will be a short week for stock traders. all the markets will be closed on thanksgiving and open only a half a day on friday. investors will be keeping a close watch on the deepening debt crisis in europe. this friday is black friday. some retailers can't wait that long. gap stores will be open on thanksgiving day. toys r us and wal-mart stores open on thursday evening and stay open around the clock. at midnight friday morning, look for best buy, target, kohl's and macy's to open their doors for the shopping rush. members of the bipartisan congressional subcommittee face a wednesday deadline to come up with more than $1 trillion in cuts to the federal budget along with new ways to increase revenue. a lot of people think those congressmen will miss the deadline. quarter
7:39 am
quarterly reports come out this week. we'll hear from campbell's soup. as mazda rolls out its new sports car, say good-bye to automaker's rotary engine, which has become to expensive to build. i'm melissa francis. zb get all your business news on cnbc. retail giant target is now joining mcdonald's and dropping one of the nation's largest egg suppliers. this decision comes after an animal rights group released video of animal cruelty at several plants of the minnesota-based egg supplier sparebro farms. some disturbing images show chickens being swung around by their feet and cramped into cages. the farms produce more than 300 million eggs every year. apple co-founder steve wozniak was spotted at google
7:40 am
headquarters picking up his own nexus smart phone on friday. wozniak was reportedly invited to pick up the device from the mountain view campus after tweeting he was looking for the smart phone at best buy. the samsung galaxy nexus went on sale in the u.k. last week. early tests show it outperformed the iphone 4s in some areas. wozniak says he's a fan of technology and usually carries several phones on him. the much anticipated galaxy nexus has not arrived in the u.s. yet. still to come, the state is short. that means california may cut more state programs and services. we're going to talk with political analyst larry ger ston about that. first, here's mike with your weekend community calendar. there's lots to do today in
7:41 am
the bay. in the spirit of will lard scott, let's start with a birthday wish. jose turns 234. still big in high tech, san jose turns 234. the folks at history san jose are celebrating. you can join in by heading downtown. the historic site. you can meet some descendents of san jose founders and share the city's birthday cake with them. the city is 234, but the cake is not. take the cake and make the dash up to san francisco for some cookies. the great cookie dash is a race with a twist. a criminal element. it's a 5k run where you're trying to catch clyde and the rest of his gang. the race starts and ends at west bluff amphitheater with more cookies and milk than chrissy field has ever seen. register in person at 9:30. it's $20, but that money goes to help steppingstones
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international, helping orphans and vulnerable kids. cake and cookies, a 5k run. back and forth, we have ways to raise your heart rate. go to a bike show. this is crazy. not bicycle bikes. obviously, these are motorcycle bikes. the progressive international motorcycle show continues in san mateo today. check out bikes, kwiequipment, accesso accessory, and three shows put on by family. they were on "america's got talent." gse t one of these things he t i've just told you about. let me know how it goes today in the bay. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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7:45 am
cuts in spending as early as december 15th. for some perspective, we bring in nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. you're not surprised. we've been talking about this for a while. >> this is a slow-moving train wreck that's finally, boom. the collision. everybody knew last august, kris, that the budget was based more on hoke than reality. the republicans were adamant against raising taxes. the democrats were just as committed to programs. if this has a familiar ring, it's because it parallels the same kind of drama in washington, which will be settled or blow up by this coming wednesday. the drama is in both places, whether it's washington or sacramento. it's very real and on the same two fundamentals. taxing, spending. >> let's be frank here. we're going to talk about cuts, and we're talking about cuts that are going to hit particularly students and people who need that social services
7:46 am
safety net the most. >> yeah, it's only logical that where you spend the most, you're going to cut the most, right? so remember that half the budget alone is on k-2 and higher education. so, yeah, you look at k-12, you're looking at $1.4 billion or so that will be cut. then you look at uc, csu, which have already been ravaged $1 billion-plus this year. you look at juvenile offender programs, home and disabled services. all of these things we count on the local governments to manage, that's where they get the money from, the state. at least a lot of it. they're not going to have the money to do these things. it means that the tattered cloth we have in the local communities is going to be, you know, ripped apart even more. it's not good. >> so what's going to happen next? do we have to just wait until the whole economy recovers as a whole? can we solve this? can we patch the boat until, you know, better, smoother sailing days ahead? >> well, there's a little bit of
7:47 am
good news. mostly bad news. reconciling the two forces, the democrats and the republicans, doesn't look possible in the future. there's a glimmer of hope though. the glimmer of hope is economically based rather than politically based. all recessions ends sooner or later. admittedly this someone later. you to see in california, finally the state's unemployment rate is coming down to almost one point in the last year. a point is a point. we are still the second highest unemployment rate of all the 50 states. still, that's why it appears we're going to be $3.7 billion short instead of the $4 billion short that they thought we would be having. but it's still pretty much a disasters. here's worse. the legislative analysts predict if you're looking into the future, as we have in the past, these guys are pretty good. they're good with the numbers. by the end of 2012, 2013 year,
7:48 am
you're looking at another 13% deficit unless we find a way to match revenues with spending. that's the kind of thing that people resist. >> and people are saying, we want to spend more on schools. we want the state to spend more on schools. we don't want to cut the safety net, but i don't want to pay more taxes. >> we were just talking about that. a poll said 64% said spend more on public education. only 45% said they'd spend more on taxes. well, you know -- >> why does the money come from? >> i know christmas is around the corner, but santa claus isn't here yet. >> the question is, december 15th is right around the corner. >> in washington and in sacramento, there's a convergence of sorts. i think what we're going to look at is some sort of settlement after the 2012 elections. there's no question about it. both here and in washington, d.c. the fundamental question is this, do we come up with new revenues for these programs and
7:49 am
services, or do we dramatically pare them down to fit in? we may be looking at a dramatically new way to look at higher education. on the other hand, the public may finally say, holy smokes. we've been asleep at wheel. we know the legislature and governor have been. maybe it's time we do our share and open up the wallets. 2012 looks to be a better year for a lot of very critical decisions. >> all right. thank you very much, larry. you can get more of larry's political perspective any time of day at do a search for prop zero. that's larry's blog. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come -- >> for the next race, we're walking by, and as she came out, everybody started applauding. >> no ordinary day at track. the unlikely delivery at golden gate field. and boy, is that a gloomy
7:50 am
view looking over san francisco. just to the west of alcatraz. a heavy downpour and thunder and lightning lurking offshore this sunday morning.whea the rest of your sunday afternoon forecast. t
7:51 am
7:52 am
and good sunday morning to you. quite an interesting mix of weather across the bay area right now. there's a live look at a downpour across the golden gate bridge. right now, san jose kind of giving you a good picture of the mixed bag we're waking up to this morning. sunshine over downtown. off to the west, that's where the heavy rain is flying. 49 degrees. a bit breezy with those winds. look at those dark skies west of alcatraz. southeast winds at 9 miles per hour. here is the low offshore. let's take you in right over san francisco. you saw the reason why the golden gate bridge looks so dreary right now.
7:53 am
you get that good cell of downpours taking place over downtown san francisco. offshore, here's where the really interesting weather is. look at all these lightning bolts off to the west of half moon bay. this line of shower has actually weakened somewhat. you can see what it does here. it weakens and heads to the coast and drops those down tours over san francisco. san jose, sunshine. but off to the west, we're seeing showers near the hills around los gatos. approaching close to an inch already around the santa cruz mountains and areas around the south bay. east bay, pretty dry. i think this trend will continue. further to the west, san rafael, that's where the rain is flying. look at these thundershowers over the last hour or so. you saw the darker red there. you get this blossoming of the lightning offshore. that's an intense thundershower cell. as it gets closer to the coast, the intensity tends to drop off.
7:54 am
the greatest instability this morning has been over the ocean. that will continue to be the case this afternoon. as this low scoots toward central and southern california, i think what you're going to see today is a lot of these showers leave the north bay and eventually push out of the south bay. still, pretty unstable with daytime heating and that low off to the west. we'll continue to see these scattered showers through the early afternoon. later on today, you can see as we head toward the evening, after sun down, most of the showers should be gone. maybe lingering showers around gilroy until 8:00. right now, very rainy. san francisco up and down the coast. this is the westest part of the day. around lunchtime, i think you see the north bay start to dry out. by 4:00, still scattered showers, especially south of the livermore. cold enough for some snow near the top of mount hamilton, by the way. 55 for a high around san francisco. 56 in san jose. the south bay will be the last spot to clear from the showers today. as we get to the shortened workweek, what you're going to
7:55 am
see is monday, tuesday, through wednesday morning looks dry. thanksgiving morning, looks like we'll see rain flying. more snow for the sierra. by the way, snow levels in the sierra close to 4,000 feet. the chain controls are up at pretty low elevations. i think you'll see that snow all the way down to yosemite today. >> that lightning that's off, you know, in the ocean, can you see it from the shore, you think? >> at night, you have better odds of seeing that because of the darkness. thankfully, those celling continue to weaken. >> all right. that would be something to see. thank you, rob. people at golden gate field in berkeley are used to a lot of really close finishes, but recently, there was one a bit closer than anyone imagined. it had to do with a pregnant worker, a barn, and the call of nature. here's this unusual tale. >> reporter: it wasn't just another day at the track. sure, the horses were running as
7:56 am
usual at golden gate fields, but on thursday the real action was behind the seats. >> she's eight and a half months pregnant. she ran out to use the restroom. >> reporter: back in the horse barns, kelly jackson's very pregnant co-worker began feeling otd. >> i ran out there. she's already in labor, screaming. >> reporter: there in the restroom of the barn, the miracle of life was about to rear its head. >> you see it on the news, you know, husband and wife can't make it. they're stuck in traffic. the husband's delivering and all that. you think, that will never happen to me. >> reporter: when the assistant veterinarian went into labor, it was indeed a co-worker and a few dozen horses on hand. >> we put blankets on the floor and hiked her down to the floor. she did all the rest. >> reporter: it should be noted the blessed event took place
7:57 am
between the second and third races. the two horse crossed the finish line about the same time as the baby. >> i started crying. i said, it's a boy, erin. it's a boy. you did good. ten little fingers. ten little toes. >> reporter: as the paramedics scooped up the newborn, a line of thoroughbreds walked past. >> as she came out, everybody started applauding. >> reporter: erin anderson would call this a photo finish. >> there was no driving myself to the hospital. it was time to go. >> reporter: though she would have preferred to deliver her six-pound baby boy in somewhat more luxurious circumstances, she was happy to have friends nearby. >> right thereto in the midst of it, val and melissa and kelley. right there when he was being born. they didn't leave me high and dry. >> reporter: there is a chance that some day in this yet unnamed baby's life he will
7:58 am
leave a door open. someone will ask, were you born in a barn? joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> next news tonight at 11:00. football night in america tonight. the philadelphia eagles visit the new york giants. happy thanksgiving. see you next saturday. ers or em. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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